Oh baby!! It’s time!

Time for what you may ask. Well, it’s time for a change – a big change.

Since our start in 2020, we have morphed into a production company that is creating commercials, product b-roll, brand stories and so much more.

We are launching into a brighter future, and we decided that since we have changed and evolved, so should our logo.

We have expanded our services to fulfill our client’s needs, invested in our creativity and streamlined our process, all while keeping efficacy at the top of mind.

Introducing our new Bright lights media logo.

Wanting to create a professional, sleek, and dimensional logo, our graphic design team curated this logo with that and our mission in mind.

Our mission.

The slate.
We wanted to leave the top slate open because we are not a closed off team. Here at Bright Lights, we are open to client ideas and their vision. Our mission is to help tell your story in new ways.

The L.
The left L of our logo was designed to be dimensional. This is to signify that we are not a flat production company. We strive for a broader focus and view ourselves as more than just a video production company. We have scaled our offerings to include animations, photography, and drone footage.

Broken but together.
Lastly, our logo is broken into pieces, but when brought together, it creates a cohesive look. This represents our team culture. The individuals that work behind the scenes are all different, but equally important parts of this team. Everyone specializes in different departments and skills, but all have one goal in mind.

We are innovative, creative, and efficient.

We are motivated for what the future has in store for us, our clients, our contractors, and the industry.

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